The Chairperson of the NSPO Agency Supervisory Board also chairs the Subordinate Committees. The Chairperson is selected by the ASB among candidates proposed by the nations, and his/her appointment is confirmed annually by the Agency Supervisory Board from which his/her authority is derived. The Chairperson’s services are provided by a nation, on a part time basis, for up to three years.

The Chairperson’s mission is to organise and prepare the work of the Agency Supervisory Board and the Subordinate Committees, preside over their meetings, record their decisions and keep them informed of subsequent Agency action. The Chairperson has no national responsibilities with respect to the Agency Supervisory Board and no voting right.

The Agency Supervisory Board annually elects a Vice Chairperson from amongst its national representatives, with no fixed tenure for this appointment. In the same way, each of the Subordinate Committees elects annually a Vice Chairperson.

For more information contact the

Office (NSPO Independent Secretariat)

Working directly for the Agency Supervisory Board's Chairperson and independent from Agency line management, the NSPO Independent Secretariat provides administrative and secretariat support for the nations on the ASB and its subordinate Committees and Working Groups. The Independent Secretariat also supports the Chairpersons and nations of the NAM and CEPS Programme Boards and over 20 NSPO Support Partnerships. The NSPO Secretariat is a separate organisation but located within the NSPA Headquarters in Luxembourg.


Contact with the Chairperson of the NSPO Agency Supervisory Board can be made by or through correspondence with:

Robert Reddington
Head of NSPO Independent Secretariat,
NATO Support and Procurement Organisation (NSPO)
L-8302 Capellen
Phone: (+352)-3063.6596
Fax: (+352)-3063.6715
Switchboard: (+352)-3063.1