Subordinate Bodies

Committees and Working Groups: The NSPO Agency Supervisory Board is assisted by two permanent Subordinate Committees: the Finance, Administration and Audit Committee comprised of experts in financial, administrative and audit matters, and the Logistics Committee comprised of experts in logistics and technical matters. These Committees make recommendations to the Agency Supervisory Board in their respective fields of competence and decide on matters which have been specifically delegated to them by the Board. Working groups may be established for specific tasks by the Board or by the Subordinate Committees.

Multinational Programmes: A Multinational Programme is established within the NSPO following recommendation by the ASB and approval by the North Atlantic Council. Details of operations and relationships for an established Programme are included in an Annex to the NSPO Charter. A Multinational Programme constitutes an integral part of the NSPO and shares in the juridical personality of NATO.

Procurement or Support Partnerships: are similar to Multinational Programmes, functioning under a formal agreement approved by the Agency Supervisory Board.

Nations may also organise themselves in a Support Conference, where a group of national and Agency experts meet to arrange cooperation related to a common system or piece of equipment. The Agency Supervisory Board authorises the creation of Support Conferences which, however, do not share in NATO’s juridical personality, and are usually a precursor to the creation of a Procurement or Support Partnership.

The Agency Supervisory Board is authorised to conclude agreements on support cooperation with nations that have a partnership programme with NATO, such as Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Co-operation Initiative. By signing a legal framework agreement with NSPO these nations may access NSPA services as specified in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and written implementing or sales agreements; the conditions for this are set by the ASB. The states participating in a NATO Partnership Programme may participate in Support or Procurement Partnerships or Support Conferences as Associate States. Non-NATO nations will not share in the international personality of NATO, nor in the juridical personality possessed by NATO by virtue of Article IV of the Ottawa Agreement, but their rights and responsibilities will be similar to those of NATO nations to the extent possible.

Details of current Partnerships and Support Conferences arrangements can be found by clicking here.

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Each NSPO member nation appoints one representative (and may appoint a deputy to assist the representative) to the Agency Supervisory Board and to the Subordinate Committees.

Similarly, each nation participating in one or more Multinational Programme Board, Procurement or Support Partnership Committee or Support Conference appoints its representative to that body.


Both the Agency Supervisory Board and the Subordinate Committees (in joint session) meet regularly twice a year, and additional meetings are called, if required.