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Vendor Registration

Policy and process

The NSPA Source File is a centralized database containing past, present and potential vendors, including performance and capabilities.

The information registered in the Source File supports the source selection for NSPA's procurement as well as the determination on the eligibility of a company for the award of a contract. This eligibility is based on legal residency, national eligibility status, present capability, financial standing and past performance.

Source File registration is therefore necessary to be invited to a solicitation and for the potential bid to be evaluated and considered for award.

NSPA procurement is normally limited to firms or governmental services located within NATO Member Nations. Companies in nations that are not members of NATO, may be allowed to participate in the following cases:

  • Sole source cases
  • Non-NATO nations associated member to NSPO Support Partnerships
  • Non-NATO nations contributing to NATO Trust Funds
  • Non-NATO with participating troops in NATO-led operations

NSPA Future Business Opportunities (FBOs) and Requests for Proposal (RFPs) will indicate, as appropriate, the non-NATO Nations whose industry is allowed to participate.

Online application

NATO companies with relevant capabilities in NSPA's areas of activity are strongly encouraged to initiate their registration online at the link hereunder. Upon receipt of the application, NSPA will validate the company's status with the competent authorities of its country of residence.

Registration on the NSPA Source File is free of charge. For any question or additional information related to Source File registration, please use the contact form below.

Contact Vendor Registration


eProcurement account

Upon registration in the NSPA Source File, a vendor account is created in NSPA eProcurement, our procurement online platform.

While most of the information is published openly in NSPA website, it is still necessary to log into eProcurement for a number of functionalities, namely:

  • Review and update of company profile and users.
  • Access to eBid, the electronic bidding system for supply.
  • Access to restricted solicitations.
  • Electronic submission of bids.

If your company is already registered with the NSPA Source File, you are advised to keep up to date your company's capabilities as well as the points of contact.

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