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NSPA provides advance information about potential business opportunities through its Future Business Opportunities (FBO) or Notification of Intent (Nol) publications. Once a customer requirement is ready to be solicited, the Agency will publish all the information as Requests For Proposals (RFP) to allow qualified firms to bid.

An xml data file containing the FBOs, NoIs and public RFPs currently published is available here. The technical documentation of this file is also available in English and in French.

Future Business Opportunities (FBO)

NSPA publishes at the earliest opportunity potential or future requirements with an estimated value of Financial Level C (80.000 EUR) or above as Future Business Opportunities (FBOs).

Companies are encouraged to follow regularly this publication and express their interest by clicking on the bottom of the FBO screen and sending the self-generated email, including any information that may be relevant for the participation in a subsequent RFP(s).

Only companies registered in NSPA Source File will be solicited, so ensure your company is registered if you find an opportunity that suits you capabilities.

Other relevant opportunities, such as Industry Days or Requests for Information, are also published as FBO.

Notification of Intent (NOI)

Notifications of Intent (NOI) are the version of future business opportunities for requirements whose procurement is governed by NATO procurement regulations (others than NSPA regulations).

Requirements announced by NoI are competed amongst the companies nominated by each of the NATO Nations with a "Declaration of Eligibility". Therefore, interested companies are advised to contact their national authorities accordingly.

Request for Proposals (RFP)

NSPA publishes its Requests for Proposals (RFPs) with an estimated value equal or above Financial Level C (80.000 EUR in 2020) openly on its website.

A number of RFPs are only accessible from the vendor account on eProcurement, after logging-in with the appropriate user and password, namely: 

  • eBid (on line bidding) 
  • Solicitations restricted to pre-selected companies

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If you do not have an eProcurement vendor account, please see Vendor Registration

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