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Random Brokerage

Random Brokerage Services (RBS)

Through the RBS, the NSPA provides Customer Nations with a flexible and agile tool to meet the requirements for supplies, services and/or projects randomly generated by Allied Armed Forces, NATO Military Authorities, eligible Partner Nations, and Organizations, which contribute to the purpose of NATO.

Every member nation or partner nation may request Random Brokerage services at any time, as there are no prior membership requirements. Customers may also request NSPA to procure material or equipment, which none of the established NSPO (NATO Support and Procurement Organisation) Support Partnerships and/or NSPA projects support.

These Random Brokerage requirements are those not specifically assigned to NSPA support or cannot be easily identified/acquired through a specific NSPO Support Partnership or NSPA Programme Office.

NSPA, as the central purchasing body, procures supplies, services, and/or projects of a non-recurring nature, noting that the projects may be multi-year in duration.

NATO Logistics Stock Exchange (NLSE) and Random Brokerage Supply & Services are complementary supply capabilities.

Random Brokerage Supply & Services aim at requirements of a one-off nature, while NATO Logistics Stock Exchange focuses on consolidated and recurring requirements.

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Random Brokerage Projects

Our portfolio vary significantly, from multi-year complex projects areas such as dismounted soldier equipment, mobility support as well as procurement of various weapons and much more.

Recent examples of equipment procured:

  • Night sights
  • Telescopes
  • Computers
  • Parachutes
  • Tyres
  • Various vehicle spares
  • Radio transmitters and receivers

Centres of excellence:

  • Mobility
  • Textile
  • Environmental and Energy Efficiency
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear
  • Soldier Lethality and Survivability

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