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General Procurement Shared Services (GPSS)

The Federated General Procurement Shared Services (GPSS) enhance the way in which NATO currently acquires goods and services.

With GPSS, NSPA develops a consolidated "Strategic Sourcing Contracts" for selected commodities, goods and services, stimulating cooperation among users. By doing so, NATO maximizes its purchasing power to ensure its various organizational elements can obtain their requirements at the best value.

GPSS's was established to bring together the Procurement representatives of the NATO GPSS community. It provides an interface to consolidate the requirements through harmonization and standardization. It is an overall solution for efficient procurement: reducing prices and generating savings while increasing the speed of process and reducing required resources.

Consolidated NATO services through GPSS include:

  • Household relocations (Europe)
  • Office Supplies
  • Parcels, Courier services
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Moves
  • Travel Management Company
  • Heating Fuel
  • Contracts Integration

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