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Deployable Infrastructure Storage, Deployment and Maintenance

The NSPA's Southern Operational Centre (SOC), co-located in Taranto (Italy) and Capellen (Luxembourg), is the centre of expertise for deployable camps.

Being responsible for the full life cycle management of deployment infrastructures, the SOC has consolidated its ability to rapidly deploy assets contributing to the readiness of the nations of the Alliance during exercises and operations.

Our team manages everything from the acceptance, to the follow on support of the deployable facilities, systems and vehicles, as well as the technical services and support during deployment.

"In-House" SOC is in charge of:

  • Accepting Capability Packages (CP) of deployable HQ assets;
  • Storing, maintaining, preparing and deploying non-CIS baseline assets with SHAPE guidance;
  • Training users (NATO Command Structure) and other potential users on CP deployable HQ's.

"When Deployed", SOC can:

  • Transport, Set-up, Operate, Tear-Down, Repack and Redeploy CP HQ assets;
  • Provide Contractual support to operational units and other customers.

Our SOC team is specialized in:

  • Maintaining the deployable HQ assets and Personnel in fully operational condition assuring the required NTM status (5 and 30 days depending on the asset);
  • Ensuring high quality training and skills level of personnel guaranteeing effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Providing support to the Users ensuring technical field assistance;
  • Consolidating a high level of customer satisfaction.

Current Support

  • CP-149 NATO Deployable C2 Assets,
  • CP-156, Small, Medium and Large HQ Camps,
  • CP-1101 NATO Response Force (NRF) Assets,
  • CP-1102 NATO Response Force (NRF) Counter-IED,
  • CP-109 Air Command and Control System (ACCS),
  • CP-0202 Deployable Ground Based Sensors for AIRCOM,
  • CP-996 RSOM Facilities.

Support to Nations:

  • LUX Army
  • US Army in Europe
  • GRC Logistic Support
  • 1GNC Corps (DEU/NLD)
  • BEL storage and management of containers.

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