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Supply Management Automation

Since 2001, NSPA has been developing and providing an automated supply chain capability in the Air Systems domain, with the end-to-end integration for systems such as the NH90 and TIGER helicopters, the A400M aircraft and the Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS). In 2020, the Agency extended this capability to Land Systems (BOXER). 

The end-to-end automated and efficient electronic data processing is based on the ASD/AIA (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe / Aerospace Industries Association of America) S2000M specification. This covers materiel management such as weapon system parts catalogues, pricing lists and the related ordering of spare parts, as well as repair services - including full order life-cycle with deliveries, transportation, invoicing and payments management.

This capability enables NSPA to be efficient, effective and responsive across all its customers and industry stakeholders, enabling them to  operate through a single and automated channel.

As of today, NSPA executes – in fully automated mode - a business volume of hundreds of millions euro per year, processing tens of thousands of supply and service orders and their related invoices.

Automation and S2000M specification

A very effective and efficient support model in the domain of Material Management is the standardized process automation and end-to-end integration. NSPA acts as data hub connecting customers (Nations), contractors (Industries) and management agencies supporting electronic data exchange (EDI) in various formats (ASD/AIA S2000M, ATA Spec 2000, X12, SAP IDOC, etc),ensuring its services all the time and end-to-end.

NSPA's supply service management cater for initial provisioning and follow-on support.

NSPA's stock management system permits quick identification of the correct item using NATO Stock Numbers or other means of identification such as weapon system application codes, end item application codes, reparability codes, shelf-life type and design authority details, etc.

Therefore, NSPA facilitates the automation and standard integration between stakeholders into all future weapon system life-cycle management services.

The basis for our supply chain automation and integration is the ASD/AIA S2000M specification for material management, which defines all processes, the data model as well as the data exchanges.

In this supply chain, NSPA acts as an integrator and a facilitator between Nations and Industries. Through this agency concept, we are de-coupling the communication between Nations and Industries so that each partner only needs to implement and operate one single procurement channel.

The data exchange (EDI) itself – i.e. how to communicate with our partners – is tailored to the respective capabilities of our partners i.e. via military standards (ASD/AIA S2000M, MILSTRIP), commercial standards (ANSI X12, ATA S2000) or via customer built solutions (e.g. SAP iDoc, custom xml).

In addition, NSPA has developed various on-line business portals that support the ASD/AIA S2000M business processes and those of other standards (such as ATA S2000 and ASC X12):

  • N@MSIS (NATO @lectronic Materiel Support Information System) currently supports NH90 and TIGER weapon systems
  • ALPS (A400M Logistic Portal System) supports the A400M airlifter
  • NAP (NSPA Automation Portal) supports the NATO AGS
  • NAP (NSPA Automation Portal) supports the BOXER

All portals automate the logistics processes agreed upon with the NSPA partners for the spare parts provisioning cycle, repair and overhaul and Depot Level Maintenance, digitalising and automating technical and commercial information, ordering, invoicing and payment.



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