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Logistics Data Management

NATO Depot & Support System (NDSS) / Integrated Logistics Support

NSPA is the designated System Support Center (SSC) for the NATO Depot & Support System (NDSS). NDSS is a Standard Integrated Logistics Support tool - compliant with relevant NATO Directives and Standards - supporting Lifecycle Asset Management from acquisition to disposal.

NDSS is in use by more than 31 NATO organizations and supports the day-to-day logistics activities at:

  • Static HQ Commands / Logistics Depots
  • In-Theatre Operations (e.g. KFOR, RSM)
  • NATO Signal Battalions
  • NATO missions & exercises.

Central and Local procurement functions are carried out via automated interfaces between NDSS and the appropriate financial tools such as SAP or FinS.

NDSS is composed of the following sub-systems:

  • RDSS : Supply
  • PAM : Property Accounting Module
  • MCMS : Maintenance and Repair
  • MTM : Vehicle Fleets Management
  • CUSTREQ : Customer Requests Web Portal.

Covering processes related to the 6 following business areas:

  • Customer Requests
  • Stock Management & Warehousing
  • Replenishment
  • Property Accounting
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Vehicle Fleet Management / Utilization reporting.

NSPA 's Services provided

  • Analysis & Design of Logistics Support Concepts
  • Software architecture design & implementation
  • Development and implementation of automated solutions (Application software and platform)
  • Testing & Validation against user requirements
  • Customer Support (Hot line, Integrated Ticketing System, Remote and On-site Support)
  • Training (from Catalogue and customized courses, Instructor Led and E-learning courses,
  • On-site On-the-Job Training
  • Platform Support.

Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs)

Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs) are documents, books and manuals provided in a format optimized for manipulation and display on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

NSPA has produced IETP Viewers that are capable of displaying and manipulating documentation from a wide range of formats; including well-formed XML, proprietary sources and all versions of the S1000D specification (International Specification for Technical Publications). Many manuals from different sources, and in many formats, can be stored and viewed on one device. The output appearance is consistent for all manuals.

The IETM Viewers come in two versions:

  • A Touch version intended for use with tablets and other touch screen devices and is the preferred option for technicians and operators actually maintaining and using equipment.
  • A Desktop version for use with desktop and laptop PCs. This is best suited to the office environment for managing maintenance and logistic operations.

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