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Cryptographic, Communications and Electronic (CCE)

The NSPA Electronic Warfare (EW) System Management Group (SMG) provides NATO Member Nations and Partnership for Peace (PfP) Nations with a single point of entry for Cryptographic, Communications and Electronic (CCE) equipment Management and Support.

Highly qualified & experienced staff in the acquisition, fielding and support of military communications and Counter-IED/Electronic Warfare (EW) equipment, provides contractual and logistics support including crypto support services such as Foreign Military Sales (FMS) procurements, secure warehousing and secure transportation.

In addition, NSPA has developed a Demilitarisation, Dismantling, and Disposal (D3) organic capability, accredited to destroy sensitive components, thus providing life-cycle management of encryption devices from cradle to grave.

NSPA also provides technical support to NATO Response Force (NRF) and North Atlantic Council (NAC)-approved Operations through on-site and or in-theatre activities such as preventive maintenance, training, site acceptance or contractor performance monitoring.

The portfolio includes NATO/National Cryptographic Devices & Tempest Equipment, (Secure) Radio Systems, Networking Equipment, Test Equipment, Counter-Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED): Jammers and Scanners, Force Protection and Security CIS: C-UAS, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection Systems, Public Address, Secure Access Control Systems etc. 

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