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Director of Support to Operations

Orhan Muratli

Orhan Muratli was born in Pertek-Tunceli, Turkey, in 1961. He obtained a Master in Business Administration from the University of La Verne, California, USA in 1989, and a Master of Science in Logistics Engineering, University of Exeter, UK in 1996.

Before taking up his current responsibilities as the Director of Support to Operations, Mr. Muratli served in NAMSA (former NSPA) as Weapon System Partnership Committee (WSPC) Secretary and Programme Executive Officer for the Aviation Programme Office, as a Senior Logistics Officer in the Logistics Operations Directorate, and the Programme Manager for the Logistics Operations and Plans Office before being selected as the Deputy Director of Logistics Operations.

From 1 January 2018 he was appointed as Director of Support to Operations, which reflected 26 years experience in the Agency, with management responsibilities for the following Support Programmes and partnerships:

  • Operational Logistics Planning and Support Programme (LK)
  • General and Cooperative Services Programme (LB)
  • Southern Operational Centre (SOC)
  • NSPA Planning and Liaison Team (NPLT) and Operational Logistics Support Partnership (OLSP)

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