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The mission of the NATO Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS) Programme is to manage the operation, maintenance and financing of the CEPS in support of NATO's operational military requirements during peacetime, crisis and conflict.

Back in 1959, and in order to guarantee its permanent operationality, the North Atlantic Council authorized the use of the CEPS for non-military customers, on the condition that priority is always given to military requirements. As a result, and because we are in a peace time period, the CEPS transport activity is currently mostly directed to commercial customers: connected airports and other that are indirectly supplied by the CEPS via its rail and truck loading stations. The CEPS is a 24/7 operation entity.

The CEPS, as one of the most complex and extensive networks of refined product pipelines in the world, is a key asset for NATO's readiness and contributes to strengthening the Alliance's deterrence and defence posture.

As one of the NATO Pipeline Systems, the CEPS operates under the political and technical guidance of the NATO Petroleum Committee (NPC), which is the senior advisory body in NATO for logistics support to Alliance forces on all matters concerning petroleum. The NPC acts on behalf of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) in full consultation with the NATO Military Authorities (NMAs), NATO Agencies, other senior NATO committees and other military and civil bodies to fulfil NATO's petroleum requirements in peace, crisis, and conflict, including expeditionary operations.

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