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CEPS History

The Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS) is the distant heir of PLUTO (Pipeline Under The Ocean), a single-product pipeline lying on the seabed, constructed by the Western Allies during the Normandy landing. Ninety days after the 6th June 1944, 400,000 vehicles had been supplied with fuel and 700,000 at the end of the campaign. Thus, the use of pipelines for support of military operations was convincingly demonstrated.

The CEPS was conceived for the transport, storage and distribution of fuel to supply the airbases of the Alliance in Central Europe. Its construction started at the beginning of the 1950s, and took advantage of some already existing facilities (pipelines, storage depots, ports, loading stations, airfield connections, pumping facilities, and highly trained personnel. With the creation of the CEPS, in 1959, these systems were interconnected, extended and centrally managed.

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