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The CEPS offers the following services:

Transport: multi product, 24/7 transport through its 5279 kms of pipeline

  • Aviation fuel-banking system, storage and transport. 
  • Diesel, gasoline, domestic fuel, naphtha - point-to-point transportation only.

Specifications for both civil and military aviation fuel are unified permitting storage and transport of only one type of aviation fuel, namely JET A-1. Once a customer enters fuel into the network, delivery can begin almost immediately at any off-take point (banking system).

The CEPS transports and delivers the equivalent of approximately 1200 trucks on the roads, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year over an average distance of 350 km. Use of the pipeline system in densely populated areas frees up local roads without polluting the environment.

Storage: A volume capacity over 1 million m3

In 36 depots, 6 of which are exclusively for non-military use in France. Most depots are equipped with truck/rail loading stations.

Product Quality Control

  • Product analysis is carried out systematically at entry and delivery points. Samples are also retrieved and controlled during transport and storage. 
  • Means: modern, internationally certified laboratories, standard methods and testing equipment. 
  • Highly qualified and experienced laboratory technicians.

Environmental Safety

  • Buried underground, pipelines are well concealed in the surrounding countryside. 
  • Systematic external control is conducted by aerial and ground inspections. Internal maintenance by scraping and control of the system by instrumented pigging. 

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