Contract Management

In addition to placing contracts with industry to satisfy customers’ requirements, NSPA can also manage these contracts on behalf of its customers.

This activity is particularly attractive for NSPA's customers where maintenance contracts are concerned. Very often such contracts involve various levels of maintenance (depot, intermediate, etc.), repair actions that may be performed by more than one entity and equipment transportation to and from the contractors' repairing facilities. NSPA can act as a "one-stop shop" for its customers, managing the performance of these contracts and coordinating activities with all those involved.

By having to contract only one entity (NSPA), customers and suppliers benefit from a reduced administrative burden.

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Warning to Suppliers

Occasionally, some unscrupulous organizations/individuals address NSPA’s suppliers, invoking the Agency’s name, and solicit monetary contributions, to be paid to them (e.g. requesting payment for advertising to be made in a so-called "NSPA-sponsored" brochure).

Please be aware that NSPA does not approach customers or suppliers with sponsoring or advertising requests.

Should any supplier be approached by any individual, company or organization requesting money, sponsorship, or other favours on behalf of NSPA, they should immediately report the fact to NSPA’s

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ISO 9011