Demilitarization, Dismantling, and Disposal (D3)


The aim of D3 services is to process excess property requiring disposal in the most cost-effective manner consistent with adequate security, environmental protection and safety. These services include the processing of military items, defence articles, and defence systems which are owned or procured by or under the control of the military services or defence agencies. Executing those services will eliminate the military capabilities of said military items, defence articles, and defence systems to preclude unauthorized use, to destroy the military advantages inherent in certain types of property, to render innocuous that property which is dangerous, to protect national interests, and to preclude the compromise of security requirements. The D3 project is a completed NATO Smart Defence project, considered as a successful example of multi-national logistics.

D3 support to national surplus military equipment such as ships, aircrafts, tanks, etc. also considers two major aspects:

  • Costs of executing D3 in view of constrained national budgets and
  • Industrial return for national industry sources.

Satisfying NSPA’s user nations expectations (costs/industrial return) can be achieved through NSPA’s traditional approach by building on consolidation of requirements and international competitive bidding. In fact, the short term use of a contracted or shared capability represents a significant cost saving over the creation of a standing capability in each nation.

Moreover, the possibility to use "off the shelf" legal and financial instruments to implement multinational support arrangements is a key factor of this project success.

Finally, the importance of environmental impact and regulations is paramount for the D3 activities;

The D3 SP is compliant with all applicable laws and international conventions and in accordance with the EU, NATO, ISAF, national and international laws and regulations as well as OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The project office itself is ISO 14001 certified.

NSPA does not stock weapon systems or ammunition in any of its facilities.

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The current SP Member Nations are:

  • Denmark Denmark
  • Italy Italy
  • Italy Turkey

Any other NSPO member Nation possessing or acquiring systems may subsequently join this SP under such conditions as agreed between the current SP Member Nations and the applicant.

Since January 2013 several projects in the area of Demilitarisation, Dismantling and Disposal have been successfully accomplished by NSPA, ensuring total revenue to customers of more than €1.5M.

Aircraft and Ship D3 projects are going to start in 2014, providing more opportunities for multinational projects and management of consolidated requirements.

Moreover, a web-based auction capability has been established, thus increasing the potential for best economical return for disposal via a world-wide sale of surplus assets.

ISO 9011