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Workshop explores logistics support to NRF

16 February 2018
The NATO Logistics Committee asked NSPA to host a workshop for multinational collective contracting for the NATO Reponse Force(NRF). The workshop, organized on behalf of NATO Allied Command Operations (ACO), was held in Capellen recently. The extensive programme covered all aspects of delivery of supplies and services including policy and legal aspects of delivery of complex collective and multinational contractual support. There was extensive work through syndicate discussions on the most effective and efficient way of delivering contracting support through NSPA.


NSPA to host industry day for NATO Alliance Future Surveillance and Control

13 February 2018
At the 2016 Warsaw Summit NATO launched the Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC) project to develop options for future NATO surveillance and control capabilities.


NSPA signs Cooperation Agreement with Israel

09 February 2018
The NATO Support and Procurement Agency General Manager Mr. Peter Dohmen, together with the Israeli Ambassador to NATO and EU, H.E. Mr. Roni Leshno-Yaar, signed the ‘Agreement between the Government of the State of Israel and the NATO Support and Procurement Organisation on Support Cooperation’ in Brussels this week.  The agreement establishes the legal framework and the basic principles for the support co-operation between Israel and the NATO Support and Procurement Organization.


NSPA hosts Dutch delegation

08 February 2018
NSPA hosted a delegation from the Netherlands this week. Led by Lieutenant General Emile C.G.J. Van Duren, Commander of the Joint Support Command, Netherlands, the group was provided a complete overview NSPA’s capabilities, products and services.


SAC conducts joint airdrop training

06 February 2018
In order to maintain the airdrop ability at all times, HAW aircrews conduct airdrop currency training on a regular basis. At these training missions both CDS bundles and platforms for heavy equipment can be dropped, as well as paratroopers, allowing HAW and in this case also Hungarian Defense Forces valuable currency training without leaving home station.