NSPA delivers first batch of 10 High Mobility Tactical Vehicles to Portuguese Army

28 November 2019

The Portuguese Army has received the first vehicles that belong to the Light Armored Tactical Vehicle acquisition project Viatura Tactica Ligeira Blindada (VTLB) that is managed by NSPA on behalf and in close collaboration with the Portuguese Army.

Based on precise Portuguese requirements and based on an international competitive solicitation a contract was awarded in July 2018 to the Spanish company UROVESA to produce the vehicles.

The First Article Acceptance tests were recently performed at the company premises in presence of a multidisciplinary team formed by NSPA, the Spanish Government Quality Assurance Representatives (GQAR) and members of the Portuguese Army Directorate of Material and Transport.

The acceptance process involved the physical inspection, trials and verification of the vehicles performance and characteristics against the specifications/requirements required by the contract.

The multiyear acquisition project is to deliver a fleet of 139 armored vehicles for the Armed Forces of Portugal with 4 major configurations and additional sub-variants, including command vehicles, medical units, personnel carriers and vehicles for special operations. All vehicles are provided with ballistic, blast and mine protection while providing high dynamic performance in terms of capacity loading and mobility on all types of roads and terrain. Production is now running at full pace with completion of delivery of vehicles, spares, training, documentation and special tools scheduled for December 2020.