1 Million PfM-1 Anti-personnel Landmines Destroyed in Ukraine

13 December 2016

The PfM-1 mine, often known as the Green Parrot or Butterfly mine, is a remotely delivered anti-personnel land (APL) mine carried in a variety of canisters for use by aircraft, artillery and engineers. 

A ceremony to mark the destruction of the one millionth PfM-1 APL was held  in Pavlograd, Ukraine on 23 November 2016.  The event was attended by representatives of the national and international stakeholders who have supported this effort. The destruction  of these mines is being undertaken within the framework of the NATO Partnership for Peace Trust Fund project in Ukraine for the destruction of conventional ammunition, small arms and light weapons and antipersonnel landmines. This second phase of the project has been implemented by NSPA since 2012 on behalf of the United States of America.  Germany, Luxembourg, Ukraine and the European Union are financially contributing to the APL-1 destruction with support from seven other nations for other elements of the project.

Destruction of the mines was technically challenging and required the State Chemical Plant at Pavlograd, who were contracted by NSPA, to design and manufacture special equipment and processes to deal with the mines in a safe and environmentally sound manner. This activity, which will eventually destroy over 3 million PfM-1 mines, will assist Ukraine in fulfilling its obligations under the Ottawa Convention banning anti-personnel mines.