NSPO Agency Supervisory Board

The NSPO Agency Supervisory Board (ASB) is the supreme decision-making body of NSPO. It issues regulations and directives, makes general policy decisions to enable NSPO to carry out its mission, and reports to the North Atlantic Council. Members of the Board are Defence Ministry representatives from each of the 29 NATO member nations.

A diagramme of NSPO showing its relationships within NATO can be seen by clicking here.

The Board has a Chairperson who is selected from one of the member nations and serves in a part time capacity, currently at NATO Grade A-7 level, for a period up to 3 years.

The Board normally meets twice per year, with the General Manager and senior Agency management also present. The Secretary General’s Liaison Officer and representatives from the Military Command Structure and each of the Programme Boards (CEPS and NAM) attend Board meetings as non-voting members.

Board decisions require unanimous agreement by the NSPO member nations when concerning fundamental policy issues. Most notably, the Board approves the NSPA organisation and personnel establishment as well as the annual financial plan for the following year.

Photo taken at the ASB Meeting on 04 December 2019.